The philosophy

Pozzoli: our history, our immense passion ………
In 1964, Gianni and Franco Pozzoli established POZZOLI SRL, manufacturer of bed bases and metal accessories in the furniture-making district of Brianza.
After only a few years, the love for this work was transferred to their children who continue to run the company with the very same passion and to share the values which have always distinguished it: close focus on customer satisfaction, constant interest in the changing demands of the market, technological research to always be “in step” with the times, love of design, totally made-in-Italy products.

Close to designers

We have always worked in close conjunction with the designers of well-known Italian furniture brands to create metal structures for the different night areas of the home: children’s rooms, double and single bedrooms. We offer a broad range of products: flat bases, folding bases, bases with storage units. Not only bases but also metal accessories for other areas of the home: tables, chairs, bookcases, shelves.
The company makes use of the very latest machinery and all products are made inside its facility, without outsourcing.
One of our machines is a modern laser cutter for making different products according to personalised company designs. Quantities are no problem because, thanks to this machinery these can go from small to large batches and materials are not a restriction either – both iron and steel can be worked.
The entire in-house management of production enables us to quickly produce sample ranges, small series and large batches.