The company

Pozzoli was established in far-off 1964 in Brianza, within one of the most renowned Italian furniture-making districts.
Having always worked in close conjunction with the best known furniture manufacturers, it understands and caters for market changes and evolution, proposing constantly new sleeping solutions marked both by design creativity and practicality.
Ongoing technological research, careful design, study of patents, and the use of top-quality materials enable Pozzoli to achieve an important goal: the creation of excellent products.
Besides the catalogue products designed by the in-house team, Pozzoli is also able to manufacture personalised products on the basis of company designs.

The technological evolution

This is where the wood-slatted bases are born: simple rolls of slats which solve transport and storage problems, tip-up with space-saving movements, motorised bases, smart mechanisms for easier bed making.

Our system

The company is equipped with cutting-edge technology machines:

  • Laser cutting system: can cut iron bars up to a thickness of 15 mm and steel up to 6 mm.
  • Tube curving machine
  • Roller-levelling system
  • Welding robots
  • Manual welding machines
  • Plate bender
  • Automatic drilling units
  • Automatic cutting lines
  • Sand-blasting system for treatment of materials
  • Epoxy powder coating system
  • Shrink-wrap packaging system